We are happy to announce that we carry Bridgecraft USA band instruments which are not only affordable but a very great product. We also carry a big variety of well known brands such as: ORANGE, ESP, Fender, Dean, Michael Kelly, Tama, and Mainstreet products just to name a few.



"Gallup's best new music store."

— "Gallup Journey"


A Little History



Ryan is back and so excited to be bringing music back to the home town community. We have been remodeling an older building that has been vacant for over 10 years. It’s a labor of love. Ryan Owned and operated Quintana’s Music from 1997 till 2010, he then went on the road with his father Art Quintana a well known predominate Native American jewelry dealer to help him on the road with his wholesale jewelry trade. Ryan went to the Music Institute of Technology and graduated with accolades. He also won the award for best Blues composition for the New Mexico Music awards in 2000.
Rhonda Quintana owned and operated The Hive Entertainment from 2004 to 2015 in Scottsdale AZ, where she managed bands, produced live shows throughout Arizona and New Mexico as well as booked tours. Both Ryan and Rhonda are a wealth of information when it comes to the music industry. 
My wife Rhonda and I were born and raised here in Gallup and noticed the lack of affordable music equipment and lessons for the youth in Gallup and surrounding areas.
Something that is unique about this couple is not only do they operate a successful music store, but there is also a boutique Native American jewelry store in the same building. The couple states, that their love of the jewelry trade and local art help them make the decision to open both stores. Ryan’s father Art Quintana will be bringing his wholesale business to the store as well. He has been instrumental in helping Rhonda to learn everything about the Native American jewelry trade. We are so proud of our collection. We buy from local artists only we are very proud of that. 
We have also been lucky enough to have acquired a well known piece of art from the Navajo Nations museum by renowned artist, actor and film producer: Leon Skyhorse Thomas. The couple state’s: Mr Skyhorse came into the store and was so impressed with our atmosphere and commitment to the community he felt the painting must be hung in the store. It is a must see! The painting has the most amazing story. It shows all the great Navajo leaders of the past and tells the story of the Navajo people from the 1700 to the final treaty signed in the 1860 when they were finally able to go home. It’s an honor Rhonda states we have been so blessed to have so many talented people put their art for sale and on consignment in our store. 
The Quintana’s state none of this progress could have been possible without our crew. McChee Jay Vandever from Haystack NM, Ryan Thompson from Two Grey Hill, NM, Bear/Jonathan R Mescale, from Gallup NM and Daryl Thompson from Coolidge, NM. These gentlemen are our family and have been restless in making sure Quintana’s success. 
Please come see us we have a profound commitment to customer service and the community. Plus our stores are a whole lot of fun for all ages!!!! See you soon!